Quality Policy
The management of “MEBEL STYLE” Ltd. realizes its responsibility to develop not only a successful but also socially responsible business with care for protecting the environment, health and safety of the people.
Mission - Our mission is to produce high quality furniture for Bulgaria and abroad at an excellent price, using modern technological solutions, innovative methods and the potential of our motivated team.
Vision – To be the most significant manufacturer of upholstered furniture and mattresses in Bulgaria and stay focuced on the needs and satisfaction of our customers. 
Core Values ​​
Quality - we are oriented towards the production of high quality furniture in different price classes and we believe  this is the key to developing and creating a successful brand.
Reliability - our furniture is not just reliable and functional, but the way we work with customers and suppliers develops a step-by-step confidence in us, which we believe is the most important market factor for our company.
Correctness – For us it is crutial to respond quickly and correctly to any request of our customers and partners.
Keeping up to date - we constantly monitor the changes in market trends and respond through innovation and modern design.
Permanance  - We never get satisfied with what we have achieved and constantly build on our skills, knowledge and contacts to achieve the best results for our customers and partners.
Social responsibility - our company is concerned about the environment, so we use environmentally friendly production technologies, and in our care for workers we provide social benefits and safe working conditions to always feel the best workplace.

We believe that "PEOPLE IS OUR MAIN VALUE" and we all produce "FURNITURE WITH EMOTION"
The management is commited to take measures and provide all necessary resources for:
  • reducing the environmental impact and worker's health and safety at each stage of the production cycle;
  • promoting the minimization, recovery and recycling of waste;
  • improving the efficient use of natural and energy resources;
  • providing adequate staff training on issues related to quality, protection of the environment and worker's health and safety;
  • continuous improvement of the integrated quality management system, the environment and the worker's health and safetyby conducting internal audits and regular review of objectives and programs;
  • providing access, clarification and promotion of this policy among staff and other stakeholders (suppliers, contractors, the public).
Because what we are doing today will change the life of tomorrow's generation!